contact me:

I love collaborating with brands & creatives. My inbox is always open so feel free to GET IN TOUCH with any questions or ideas!

For all collaborations and general inquiries, please e-mail me here:

the blog:

As a photographer, I knew I needed to maintain a blog, but I didn’t have the discipline to keep up with a photo blog.  Albeit, I wanted a place that nurtured my creative side while focusing on lifestyle stories.  After a few attempts at creating a lifestyle blog, I just couldn’t find an idea that I was totally head over heels passionate about.  I knew I wanted my personality to be embedded in every story and I even envisioned how I wanted it to look.  Staring at a blank scene, an idea for a blog finally took on a life of its own when I realized at 49 years old I still had the mind of a twenty something year old while desiring to gracefully grow into a sixty something year old woman.   My stories celebrate that little black dress, a good book, quiet sweatpants Sundays, messy hair and the perfect get-away weekend.

the studio:

My photo studio specializes in editorial storytelling photography.  I have a small home based studio that offers SouthEast/SouthWest natural light and is also equipped with Profoto lighting equipment for those times I need to shape the light.  The studio is stocked with an array of props that I collect from antique stores and estate sales.  Also, I am able to collaborate with on location shoots.  My strong skills as a stylist and creative director makes me more than just a photographer.

model submission:

My studio is always in search of local male and female models for blog projects.  You can submit photos to Dawn Renee Smith via email. Professional photos are not necessary.  I request that you send a clear full face (one smile & one serious), a clear full length body shot and a clear shot from the waist up.  Also, along with photo submissions, please remember to include measurements (height, weight, chest, hips, waist etc.), age, hair color, eye color, name, contact phone number and address.  Unfortunately, due to high volume, I am only able to contact those models of interest.  I will contact you upon interest.  Your look may not work at a particular time, but I encourage you to resubmit your photos after six months.